Airline Passengers Flying To Tibet Should Plan For Hours-Long Trip With These Tips

To truly substantiate the claim of being well-traveled, cross-continental trips are a prerequisite. Regardless of which country you call home, it’s an essential rite of passage to get out and see the world and sometimes get a little lost in it all. For those with an interest in visiting East Asia, traveling to Tibet could be just the adventure you’re look for.


From its remote towns and villages to majestic Mount Everest, the natural beauty of this country between India and China and known as the “roof of the world” is unrivaled. For those researching the possibility of traveling to Tibet, a number of special permits must be secured ahead of time if you expect to experience unfettered travel. While that process is typically overseen by travel agencies that also help plan the rest of your visit, chances are that you’re going to be flying into Asia. There’s also a very good probability that you are located many hours away from mainland China and Tibet so with that in mind, we’re offering up some tips to take the general discomfort out of long airline flights.


1) You are what you eat: If you’re going to be seated for hours on end, coffee may not be a wise choice and the same goes for alcohol. You’ll become dehydrated, eventually irritable and need to use the bathroom. Regardless of whether or not you’re seated on an outside aisle seat, this is going to become an annoyance to yourself and likely those around you. Swap the coffee for tea and limit  your alcohol intake to one drink. As for food, it’s also suggested to keep it light as well because altitude is said to interfere with digestion.


2) Remaining seated: The average flight from New York in the U.S. to mainland Asia could top 15 hours. That’s a long time to stay put without adequate means of entertaining yourself. Whether it’s the book you’ve been meaning to get around to, a handful of magazines or some form of hand-held digital entertainment, you’re going to be stuck in the same seat for quite some time regardless of where you’re flying from.


3) Fashion faux pas: If you’re flying for hours then taking a train to access Tibet landmarks such as the Jokang Temple, what you wear will soon become a key consideration if it’s uncomfortable. Think about it: Tight-fitting clothing is only going to make your travels worse; wear something comfortable and opt for function over fashion this time.

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