Traveling to Tibet in Winter

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Tibet has another name known as land of snow or the land that is surrounded by snowcapped mountain. Lhasa is thecapital city of Tibet and it is one of the lowest altitude places in Tibet. It is a must visit place during your traveling to Tibet in winter.

During the winter in Tibet, the early morning and late evening is very cold and in the higher places of Tibet like Ngari, the western Tibet and Qangthang, the northern Tibetan plateau. Both places are at the average elevation of 4600mts above sea level and it falls heavy snow quite often but the city like Lhasa has been a pretty long time that did not have a heavy snow fall and the winter has been very dried.

While all the residents in Lhasa have been waiting for a snow fall. 18th December 2018, Lhasa had it’s first day winter snow fall and the temperature drops down but better and more fresh air. Lhasa had snow fall of 5-centi meters thick and the entire city covers with beautiful snow as if the city is offering a white scarf.

During the traveling to Tibet, It is a great welcome of the winter and gives the great fresh air to the residents of Lhasa city and the dried weather turns into fresh, wet and more oxygen. Traveling to Tibet in winter becomes more beautiful and unique. The Potala Palace is covered with a very beautiful snow and the tree leaves in the Lukang park are full of white snow. The surrounding mountain of the Lhasa city is fully covered by snow which gives Lhasa another different beautiful view.

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