Make Your Tibet Tour Memorable by Experiencing Cycle Tour in Tibet

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If you love to cycle on an all-terrain bike, then why not cycle in Tibet, by booking into an organized cycling trip to this mountain Kingdom?

Cycling in Tibet, is definitely not easy, with its rugged mountains and sudden turns and surprises along the way. But for an enthusiast and one with a love for cycling, this can be a fitting way to spend the holiday on these glorious mountains, with snow-covered peaks, orchards growing in wild abandon and green pastures where the llamas graze.

The cycling tours in Tibet starts in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal or in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. From there, you can get to the Base camp of Mount Everest, and also have a peek into the monasteries to understand their way of living.  There are other attractions along the way which can only be enjoyed by the cyclists or the adventurers who have it in them to take their bike out for a challenging ride.

Caution and safety, however, are primary issues on such a trip. That is why engaging a tour operator or booking into a bike tour will be the best way to cycling in Tibet. There are many professional tour operators who can provide you with such an opportunity.

The cycling tours of trips arranged by these tour operators commence at various locations, making it possible for you to decide a course of action, according to convenience. So, the next time you feel the urge to bike down a long way, book a cycling tour of Tibet to get the additional advantage of gazing at the marvels of nature along the way! You never know, you may get to meet the great and most feared Yeti after all, on one of those trips!

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