Lhalang Monastery

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Visit Lhagang monastery which is one of the 108 small temples, built by Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo in order to press down the branches of the Supine Ogress. The monastery has over 1300 years history and the most sacred statue of the monastery is Jowo Shakyamuni which dates back to the 7th century. As per the history, the Jowo Shakyamuni was built in Lhagang according to 8 years Jowo after the image of Jowo Shakyamuni magically spoked when it arrived in Lhagang saying that she did not want to move from there but as per the King Songtsen Gampo’s strong wishes to bring the statue to Lhasa, they built the present statue of the Jowo in Lhasa for the stead of the onw which is in Jokang today. The monastery was originaly a Kagyupa sect and then in around 12th cnetury, the monastery was gradually transformed into Sakyapa sect. I thas over 30 monks noadays. We went to visit some nomad camps from Lhagang to the sought west and there is a big Bhuddist community after around 15Km from Lhagang where all the locals, monks and nuns gather to make thousand offering of flowers, water etc

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