Get Enrolled With Day Tour to Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Tibet

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Tibet, with its glorious peaks and sprawling grassland and lakes, is a place where even the Gods take time to rest and relax, according to the mythology. Here, where people worship the peaks as their own, and the air is filled with the chanting from nearby monasteries, you can find peace and tranquility for your soul too. Enroll on one of those Tibet Day tours to make the most of your trip to this Himalayan Kingdom.

An ancient Kingdom, and with its rich history, Tibet has presented a challenge to whomsoever had visited the place. For one, the peaks present an enchanting view all around. Then there is the beautiful landscape which lets one wonder about the marvels of nature.

One should not forget the palaces here; the architectural marvels built way before technology came into existence. In a Tibet day tour, you get to see the Potala Palace, the place of high power where the great Dalai Lama used to reside before he traveled to India.

The Norbulingka Palace, the gardens and famous monasteries, all form an intricate framework to what can be called Tibet. Placed in the lap of Himalayas and well protected by the famous peaks of Mount Everest, Mount Minyak Gangkar and the Mount Kailash, the place exudes a charming way beyond anything else.

The added attraction of this place, as compared to other mountains around the world lies in its unexplored charm and the hospitality of people. The ethnicity of people living here and going on with their work carrying a chanting stick is in itself an attraction for many travelers. There is nowhere in the world where you can get to see this ancient, old-world charm as you get it here, right in between the great Himalayan range.

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