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We here Tibet Shambhala Adventure based in Lhasa, owned by local Tibetans are tremendously happy to share the latest Tibet travel news with all our dearest guests from all over the world. As the Covid 19 in mainland China has been controlled very well and people can travel like normal and the most important thing is Tibet has never had a single case of Covid 19 so Tibet has become the safest destination to travel in the world.

Through the very hard work of Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet stays without a single case of Covid 19 and the people in Tibet can live like normal lives and they can travel from one city to another city during this severe pandemic time that happened in other parts of the world. With all these good result, we have the latest Tibet travel news that Tibet Tourism Bureau officially announced that all the foreigners who live in mainland China can travel to Tibet.

How many days in advance do you need to book your Tibet trip?
It depends on where you are going to travel in Tibet. If you are going to travel around Lhasa city, Namtso lake, or Yamdrok lake or to the Everest base camp from Lhasa, you can book the trip to Tibet in around two weeks. If you are traveling to the further western or eastern part of Tibet including a trip to Mt Kailash, Guge Kingdom or a trip to Nyingtri, the eastern forest region of Tibet, you need to book your trip in around 25 days advance so that your local Tibetan travel agent will have enough time to make all your necessary Tibet travel permits.

Is the way of processing Tibet travel permit the same as before?
According to our latest Tibet travel news, the way of processing Tibet travel permit is the same as before apart from requiring some of the amplification testing of the Covid 19. Like usual, you need a valid passport and China visa as well as your working certificate or company introduction to prove that you are living in mainland China. Above those three requirements are the documents that you always need to provide when you travel to Tibet if you are living in mainland China.
After the Covid 19, there are three more new requirements for applying for your Tibet travel permits which are a Nucleic acid testing, QR code and an introduction letter that says that you have been in mainland China for 28 days and can prove that you are healthy by showing your Nucleic acid testing and QR Code. Having those above documents, if you book your trip to Tibet with a reliable local Tibetan travel agent like Tibet Shambhala Adventure.

Can you travel to all the famous tourist destinations in Tibet like before?
Yes, you can travel to all the famous tourists’ destinations in Tibet like before but as I earlier mentioned that you need to confirm your travel destination well when you book your Tibet trip as you need to include all the destinations that you like to travel in Tibet in your Tibet travel permits. According to our latest Tibet travel news, the foreign tourists can take the travel route in Tibet are below.
You can travel to Lhasa city and around, trip to Mt Kailash and Guge Kingdom, overland trip to Kashgar from Lhasa, over land tour from Chengdu to Lhasa through the most beautiful 318 highway and overland tour from Yunnan to Lhasa or Shangrila or known as Gyelthang to Lhasa overland tour, a round trip from Lhasa to Lhasa via Nyingtri, the eastern forest region of Tibet, Minling county, Gyatsa county, Sangri Kangmar, Tsetang, Samye monastery and then to Lhasa. A trip to Mt Everest Base Camp or all the way to Kyirong border to visit the most sacred place of Mila Repa cave and a beautiful landscape of Kyirong county, surrounded by snowcapped mountain.

Are the western tourists’ suppliers still operating like before in Tibet?
With the latest Tibet travel news, most of the hotels in Tibet who receive foreign tourists in Tibet are under operation but some of the hotels that are under renovation so if you are a tour operators who are sending tourists to Tibet and have your own liked hotels, you need to check whether the hotels are under operation or not because after the pandemic, some of the hotels are under renovation so you might not be able to use those specific hotels for a year as many hotels are thinking that they can only receive foreign tourists in the end of this year or from next year. Most of the restaurants, vehicle companies are also under operation so there is no worry about those supplies.
The most important thing is that you need to check well with your travel agents to make sure that you will have a good tour guide because many of the English speaking guides have changed their career and working in other industries so if your travel agent is not a standard or strong company, it might be a difficult option for them to find a good English speaking guide for you since they don’t have their own local Tibetan tour guides.

How can we find a right Tibetan travel agent?
To find a right Tibetan travel agent, it is very important to check the certificate of the travel agent that was given by the Tibet Tourism Bureau or China National Tourism Bureau as Tibet is a very special tour destination unlike many other countries since you need to make Tibet travel permits so choosing a local Tibetan travel agent who has been officially recognized by the related government offices here in Tibet. According to our latest Tibet travel news, some of the small companies or websites owners who used to organize Tibet trips were already collapsed so for your safety and security, it is very important to choose a right and officially recognized Tibetan travel agent and make sure to check all the necessary documents before you transfer the money.

How can you know who is officially recognized Tibetan travel agent?
First, you can check whether the company whether it has the official certificate with the same name as they have on their website. There are two certificates, one is the business license given by the commerce and Industry Bureau and another business license given by the China National Tourism Bureau or the Tibet Tourism Bureau with a stamp of the commerce and Industry Bureau and Tibet Tourism Bureau or the China National Tourism Bureau. The company name on the certificate and the website should be the same.

Second, the best way is once you book your Tibet trip, it is always recommend to transfer the trip deposit through the company official bank account, not through the personal bank account because the company account is not possible to register without the official business license and once there is official business license, even if something happened before you travel to Tibet, your money is very safe. If you send the money through personal bank account, first of all, it is illegal so just incase you did not get service after you paid, the related government can not help you to bring your money back because you transferred the money illegally through personal bank account.
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Tibet Shambhala Adventure has been working in the tourism industry for 20 years and we have been working with many tour operators from different countries in the world. Our main customers are foreign tourists so during this pandemic, we have been through a difficult time in maintaining our office and staffs as we need to pay the life insurance of all our staffs including our tour guides eventhough we did not have a single dollar income for the last one and half year but the entire team of Tibet Shambhala Adventure is healthy and still waiting for a good day to come for welcoming our guest from all over the world. We know that many of our business partners in foreign countries have also been through a very difficult time but we often convince each other and we are all still alive to serve our guest since we all love our careers. All the members of Tibet Shambhala Adventure warmly welcome to our dearest guests to travel to Tibet which is the most beautiful and safest tour destinations in the world.

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