Mecca for Adventurous Travelers: Tibet Everest Base Camp

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Mount Everest, being the highest peak in the world, is a true symbol of natural beauty. Having an altitude of 8848 m, Mount Everest is true pride for the continent of Asia. Mountaineers can reach Mount Everest either from Nepal or Tibet. Nepalese call it Sagarmatha while the Tibetans, gave it an interesting name, Chomolungma. The hiking route to Mount Everest is one of the most challenging one in the whole world. The route is not at all simple and chances of fatal risks are also there. Tibet Everest base camp Tibet is known to be the Mecca for Adventurous Travelers. There are two base camps at the foothills of this mountain at opposite directions, one in Nepal and other in Tibet. The Tibet base camp of Everest can be reached through Friendship Highway. The road is almost 100 Kms long from friendship highway and after covering this distance one reach Rongbuk monastery which is considered to be world’s highest monastery. You will overnight at Rongbuk monastery and enjoy a great view of Mt Everest. The view of Mt Everest from Rongbuk monastery is far better and bigger than the view of Everest from Nepal side.

Few important things to know about Everest base camp Tibet and its surroundings

  • Everest North Base Camp, which is located right in the Tibet Autonomous Region, is having an elevation of around 5200m but the today’s Everest base camp has been moved to near Rongbuk monastery at the elevation of over 5000m and you will have a great view of Everest from Rongbuk monastery.

  • This highest altitude of the base camp creates altitude sickness among trekkers. Aside to this snow bites are also common to see among the trekkers. You need to put on enough winter clothes and good shoes to safeguard your body.

  • You can get the glimpse of the Northern Face of the Mount Everest from the side of North Base Camp.

  • The picturesque view of the trans-Himalayan ranges with snow-capped peaks will make you feel mesmerized.

  • In order to travel to the Tibet Everest base camp, you need to have the following documents with you:
  1. Tibet Travel Permit. ‘
  2. Chinese Tourist Visa.
  3. Alien Travel Permit for reaching Everest Base Camp
  4. Chinese government wrote permission for traveling to Tibet.
  5. Recommended that you carry your passport with you

If you go for an overnight stay at the Everest base camp you will get a better scope to view Everest. If you are traveling a long distance to see the glimpse of Mount Everest then staying overnight is worthy for you.

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