Some Exotic Places to Explore In Tibet

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If you are an ardent lover of travels and have traveled across the world and continents, a Tiber tour will quench your wanderlust to a great extent.

Tibet, with its enchanting location and the view of the mountains, is one of the most popular adventure tours for the thrill overs. Why a place such as Tibet, with its serenity and calm atmosphere, is called thrilling or adventurous is because of the attractions it offers. A Tibet tour will take you along the rugged mountains, uneven landscapes, exciting snow-covered capes, the highest airport in the world, and many more! So, all set to pack your bags and go on an adventure trip to Tibet?

Here are some of the never-miss places to visit in Tibet.

  • Lhasa- The capital city

Any typical Tibet tour starts from Lhasa and its high-altitude airport. Then you are taken in by the first feel of the mountain air and the view of the golden palace of Tibet – the Potala Palace, a humble abode where the Dalai Lama used to reside before, Jokang temple, the most sacred and oldest temple in Tibet, housed to the holiest image of Buddha Shakyamuni, Drepung and Sera monasteries, the two largest monastic colleges in Tibet over 500 monks in each monastery.

  • The Yamdrok Lake

Trekking along the Yamdrok Lake is never serene or peaceful. How can it be when the first view of the turquoise lake can increase your heartbeat to the maximum? There is nothing like a clear blue sky and a lake which reflects it perfectly.

Namtso Lake

Driving along the Qinghai Tibet high way is another extremely beautiful over land tour and it is around 4 hours drive from Lhasa to Namtso lake. On the way, the you will enjoy a scenery of snow-capped mountain range of Nyenchen Thangla peak, beautiful nomad camp on the green grassland, thousands of Yak and Sheep, enjoying the summer lush green grass and pure stream water. Namtso lake is one of the four largest salty lakes in Tibet and the local Tibetans believe it as a holy lake and many people do pilgrimage tour around the Namtso lake.

Ganden monastery

A day trip to Ganden monastery is another exciting Tibet travel. The landscape of beautiful Tibetan villages with their traditional architect of the farmer’s houses, decorated by colorful Tibetan prayer flags and white wash on the walls of the buildings. The green and beautiful yellow rape seed flowers, blossoming on your both and right hand side while you are driving through the highway between Lhasa and Nyingtri. Ganden is the mother monastery of the Yellow hat school with around 600 years history and it is one of the largest monasteries in Tibet. Trekking around the monastery for two hours is another very nice Tibet day hike, enjoying a beautiful view of the whole Kyichu valley during your Tibet hiking.

  • Mt. Minyak Gangkar

The snow-covered peaks of Mt. Mingya Gangkar, considered to be sacred for the Tibetans, forms a panorama which cannot be put into words. Its breathtaking view takes away the weariness of travel and rejuvenates both mind and body.

There are then the innumerable little enchanting monasteries, each similar, yet with unique charm to attract you with their quaintness. On your Tibet tour, do not fail to explore every nook and corner of this Himalayan Kingdom, to make your trip worthwhile.

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