Some Significant Tips for A Tibet Cycling Tour

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Traveling to Tibet is not just restricted to one single activity. Tibet offers you the scope to enjoy each day of your visit in a grand way, subject to the fact you know how to do it. Tibet is nothing less than a paradise for travelers. It offers countless options to enjoy the trip in a unique way. The scenic beauty of the place will set the mood so well that your heart will be completely satisfied and will get engaged in multiple activities. One of the most popular activities which many tourists to this destination love to enjoy is cycling. Cycling in Tibet is one of the most popular activities which you can’t miss in any way.

Why is cycling so popular in Tibet?

Travelers, in general, want to cover maximum area of Tibet in a very short time. There are various modes of transportation but beyond any doubt, the amount of enjoyment which you will get in cycling is an absolutely superb one. Tibet established itself as the perfect getaway to enjoy cycling adventure. All that is important for you is to know the correct routes. Many travelers are still doubtful about the available options of cycling in Tibet. The scope of safe cycling is huge and it emerged out as a popular activity to do in the last couple of year’s time. The rules for traveling remain the same in the case of Tibet tourism for foreigners. You will not be allowed to go for independent cycling in Tibet as it can be dangerous due to lack of knowledge about routes.

Few tips for your cycling tour in Tibet

  • Quality Bike:

Mountain bike will be a great choice for cycling in Tibet. Because of the huge popularity of Cycling in Tibet, several bicycle shops offer mountain bikes on rent. It is advisable that you take it on rent in place of buying one

  • Tools and important accessories for safe riding:

Having a bike is not enough and you need to make arrangements for waterproof tent, first-aid kit, sleeping bag, enough food and distilled water, medicine and other personal necessity items. If you contact with a local Tibetan owned travel agent like Tibet Shambhala Adventure, you don’t need to worry about arranging your cycling tour and arranging the above mentioned items because Tibet Shambhala Adventure has great equipment and Giant bikes to rent as well.

  • Warm clothes:

It’s a big necessity for cycling which can’t be overlooked as you need to cycle at high altitude and will experience huge temperature variation between day time and night.

Take care of the above tips and enjoy a blissful trip to Tibet.

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