Tibet – A Magical Land of Monasteries

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If you are in a mood to set out for a heavenly tour to discover nature at its best, then Tibet retreat tour will be the best choice for you. The trips which are designed for exploring Tibet primarily focus on the monasteries and the natural beauty of Central Tibet. Besides being a vast magical landscape, Tibet will offer incredible reasons to witness the wealth of monuments. Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet is surrounded by snow-covered peaks rising to an altitude of 7,000 m. It houses Lake Nam Tso which is known to be the second largest lake of Tibet and offers magnificent views right at the Roof of the World.

For tourists, the ideal way to get a glimpse of this ancient land, and understand the culture of this enlightened civilization of Asia, is by knowing its faith: Tibetan Buddhism. The ideal way to know the culture and traditions of Tibet is by visiting the top monasteries, Tibet meditation retreats spreading across this magic land.

  1.    Jokhang Temple:Being the house of Lord Buddha, Jokhang retained its position as one of the holiest destinations for Tibetan pilgrims; and a spiritual center located in Lhasa. It houses one incarnation which depicts Sakyamuni aged 12 years old. The architecture of this Monastery represents a perfect blend of Tibetan, Indian, Han Chinese, and Nepalese. Jokhang temple represents various sects of Tibetan Buddhism.

  1. Ganden Monastery: Although this place is having a painful history, it still stands as the epitome of unfailing devotion towards spirituality. Once upon a time, this university monastery got destroyed, but it was afterward partially rebuilt. Presently, it is a place worth visiting. This monastery is honored as one of the “holy monastery” of Gelugpa. Gelugpa is a prime sect of Tibet Buddhism.

  1. Drepung Monastery: Drepung Monastery used to be the largest monastery of Tibet. Its the home of Dalai Lama and also for 10,000 monks. It is now the major universities for the Buddhist monks, and visiting here will give you the chance to see a large number of activities. This Monastery is a must to include in any Buddhist pilgrimage tour. You can witness the 26-meter gold Maitreya Buddha. This Monastery is housing some 10,000 columns of sutras and tantras, large statues and palatial murals that depict various gods.

  1. Galden Jampaling Monastery: This Monastery is located in Changdu Town, and known to greet Qinghai and Yunnan. This Monastery is no less than a gem located along Hengduan Mountain as well as the Three Parallel Rivers area. In honor of Qiangba Buddha, it was constructed 1444. Some hundreds of Buddha statues, tangka, and frescoes are there in the prayer halls. Tibetan New Year is an important festival during which tourists can witness Buddha Dance with a bizarre mask and, dramatic step setting a spiritual mood in the environment.

  1. Sera Monastery: It is among the “Three Great Monasteries” of Lhasa. This monastery played an important role in the development of Tibetan Buddhism. The featured Debating Buddhism is organized here. It is a parent monastery for various hermitages as well as nunneries. Close to 3000 monks reside here and lead a simple life.

  1. Tashilhunpo Monastery: It’s one of the six Gelug monasteries of Tibet and acts as the seat of successive Panchen Lamas. It was established by First Dalai Lama in the year 1447 and is a prime monastery for the Tibetan history as well as culture. It houses the giant Future Buddha Statue, valuable Buddha Stupas, and several manuscripts of Buddhist texts as well as numerous murals.
  2. Palcho Monastery: Palcho Monastery, earlier popular as Pelkor Chode Monastery is among those monasteries of Tibet which under one roof represents 3 out of 4 schools of Tibetan Buddhism. It was constructed to continue the Yarlung Dynasty, after the assassination of King Langdarma. Earlier the monastery was shaped as a Sakya monastery, while parts of the major monastery were constructed by the local nobles. It houses Gyantse Kumbum, which is a 9-tiered stupa.

During your religious visit to Tibet, you can also explore or include many more monasteries in the itinerary like Tashilhunpo Monastery, Rongbuk Monastery, Sakya Monastery, Changzhou Monastery, Gama Monastery, and several others. Get in touch with the experts of Shambhala Adventure to plan your magical trip to Tibet.

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