Visit Bharkor Bazzar in Lhasa Tibet

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Visit Bharkor Bazzar in Lhasa Tibet, the bustling Lhasa market is one of the must visit during your Tibet tour and a very important pilgrimage circumambulation for local Tibetans.

Bharkor Bazzar is located around the Jokang temple in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. Tibetan pilgrims believe that Bharkor Bazzar is one of the most sacred pilgrimage circumambulation which goes clockwise direction around the Jokang temple.

Jokang temple has been dedicated to the most sacred statue of Jowo Shakyamuni, which was brought to Tibet by the princess Wenchang of the Tang court in the 7th century as her dowry when the King Songtsan Gampo invited her to become his princess. 

The statue was built by the time when Buddha was alive and blessed the statue by Buddha himself with more than 2600 years history so the Tibetans believe that the statue is the most sacred object inside the Jokang temple and walk around Bharkor Bazzar to make a Kora around the Jokang temple.

For the tourists, to visit Bharkor Bazzar in Lhasa Tibet during their Tibet trip is a must because they can see lots of Tibetan pilgrims around Bharkor and in front of the Jokang temple and it is also the best place to buy souvenirs when you visit Tibet.  

After Corona Virus spread all over the world, since end of January till 28th April, Bharkor Bazzar was closed to both tourists and local people. All the shops inside Bharkor Bazzar were also closed till then.

April 28th 2020, Bharkor Bazzar was again opened and there are thousands of pilgrims queuing to go to Bharkor Bazzar. Everybody was very happy that they can go back to visit Bharkor Bazzar in Lhasa Tibet like before and do their ritual Buddhist practice in front of the Jokang temple. You can again see hundreds of people, doing prostration in front of the Jokang temple and doing meditation.

All the shops around Bharkor Bazzar are also opened and the owners of the shopkeepers are very glad that they can come back to their shops and do the business as usual. Lots of pilgrims and domestic tourists already begin to visit Bharkor Bazzar in Lhasa Tibet again and enjoy the beauty of Bharkor Bazzar.

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