Trip to Nyingtri Tibet to see the Peach Blossom Cultural Tourism Festival

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Trip to Nyingtri Tibet to see the Peach Blossom Cultural Tourism Festival

Trip to Nyingtri Tibet to see the Peach Blossom Cultural Tourism Festival in Nyingtri or linzhi in Chinese, located in the eastern forest region of Tibet and it has beautiful scenery and numerous scenic spots.

The main scenic spots include the scenery belt of Niyang River, the world cypress King Garden, Tsomo Jiri Forest Park, public village ancient ecological assistance, Serkyim la or Sejila National Forest Park, Lunang or Lulang forest sea, ancient mulberry king, Bonri mountain, Bonri Shenquan, Dongjiu hot spring and lamaling temple.

There are different kinds of Tibetan ethnic in Nyingtri including Menba, Luoba and other ethnic minorities living here, as well as Dengs and Sherpas. Their living habits and religious beliefs have a strong traditional color and unique national customs.

As the little Swiss of the Tibet, there are Nyingtri Peach Blossom Cultural Tourism Festival is an annual event, which is the biggest festival in Nyingtri Tibet. Because of the large temperature difference and little precipitation in spring.

From March to May is the most beautiful and romantic season for Nyingtri. We can see that the peach blossom blooming all over the mountain like a paradise. At this time, the weather is becoming better and warmer, peach blossom is blooming against snow mountain, which is very beautiful and charming.

At the end of March and the beginning of April, it is the best time to make a trip to Nyingtri Tibet to see the Peach blossom Cultural Tourism Festival because every year, Nyingtri Peach Blossom Festival is held in Gala village Bayi District during this period of time, , which makes it more convenient for tourists to watch peach blossom. Because The peach blossom in Nyingtri Area is different from other places. It’s called “Tibetan peach”, commonly known as “wild peach”. The trees are tall and the life is more than thousand years, flowers are numerous and wildly blooming.

Due to the geographical environment of Nyingtri, the peach blossom blooms at different times. However, from March 25 to April 10, the peach blossom in Nyingtri has basically bloomed. The order of peach blossom opening in Nyingtri city is: Lang County – Bayi district – Bomi County – Milin County – Zayul County – Gyamdha County.

When you come and enjoy the Nyingtri Peach Blossom Festival, Gala village will be the first stop, known as “the first Peach Blossom Village”, they usually hold the opening ceremony of Peach Blossom Festival here.

There are local folk traditional dance and stage show the T stage show will focus on the exquisite costumes of various ethnic groups such as Gongbu Tibetan, Menba and Luoba in Nyingtri.

The ethnic groups such as the workers of the Tibetan Plateau, the Mamba and the LuoBa ethnic groups will display their own exquisite costumes so that you can fully appreciate the essence of the Tibetan people’s clothing culture.

During Trip to Nyingtri Tibet to see the Peach blossom Cultural Tourism Festival, Couple activity is also popular, someone will wait for you in peach blossom forest. Meet the one in such a romantic place.

Many photography lovers taking pictures and make the moment last forever. During the festival, you can enjoy seeing those visitors painted a peach flower by their face or hands, then taking pictures. Local people will carry out a stone lifting competition which is a special sports competition in Tibet.

Archery is also a popular activity in Nyingtri, because there are many mountains and woods here, so the ancestors in Nyingtri almost are huntsman and good at shoot arrows. 

Nyingtri is the lowest altitude area in Tibet, from the end of the March to April, lots of people come and enjoy the beautiful view here. Garang lake in Bomi County, The peach blossom here is mainly divided into Runa village and Galang village, which is the starting and ending point of the Peach Blossom Festival in Bomi county, with the peach blossom ditch in Bomi in the middle. Gala village is an administrative village, known as peach village, located in the Western Niyang River Valley, 

Suosong village located in the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon scenic spot , it is in the middle of the mountain, there are beautiful peach blossoms blooming all over the river. This is the best place to enjoy peach blossoms in the canyon, and also the place where peach blossoms are most concentrated in the canyon. You can see the magnificent view of Namjagbarwa here, which is the highest mountain in Nyingtri area, with an altitude of 7782 meters. It is the holy land of the oldest Buddhism “Bon Religion” in Tibet, known as the “father of Tibet’s mountains”.

During your Trip to Nyingtri Tibet to see the Peach blossom Cultural Tourism Festival, peach blossom blooms on both sides of the road in Bomi, it stretches for 30 kilometers, which is known as the longest peach blossom ditch in China and it is mainly located in Bodui Tsangpo River Valley .

There are many residents and peach blossom embellishes in front of the house, and you can see the snow mountain in the distance from the peach blossom cluster. Peach blossoms are in full bloom at the foot of the mountain, and the top of the mountain is covered with snow.

The peach blossom in Laru village is the most abundant one in Gongbo Gyamda county. The whole village is full of over 100 years old peach tree with strong branches. From the end of March until the middle of April is the best time to enjoy the peach blossom every year. Clusters of pink and green highland barley form a unique style.

Recommended route for the trip to Nyingtri Tibet to see the Peach blossom Cultural Tourism Festival is : You can either fly to Lhasa first, do the sightseeing in Lhasa including a visit to the Potala Palace and Jokang temple and then drive slowly to Bai via visiting Darksum lake, then visit Gala peach flower village, continue to Bomi county to see the Peach flower festival or you can directly fly to Nyingtri from Chengdu and do the trip accordingly.

Once you arrive in Bomi, you can start from Bomi town to Runa village – Qingduo town – yuxu Township, return to Bomi County. Among them, Runa village, Qingduo town and Xumu township are all located on a line in the north of Bomi County.

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