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Tourists often plan to travel to Tibet in summer time instead of planing a visit Tibet in winter, when the weather isn’t too harsh with biting cold. In Tibet, you will find swarms of tourists bustling in the Tibetan monasteries and palaces. However, little do they know that winter could actually be the best of times to tour around the exquisite beauty that Tibetan land is!

The region becomes a winter wonderland ready for you to revel in sun sprinkled snowfields expanded around the Tibetan mountains and plateaus. If you are in search for some solace then winters is the best time of the year for you to travel to Tibet as the place is almost empty of tourists.

Economically, it is also very worthy to visit Tibet in winter because all the hotels are given 50% discount than peak season and most of the government owned scenic spots are free of charge from 1st Nov 2018-15th March 2019. All the tourist vehicles and guides salary are 30% lower than peak season so Tibet winter tour is highly recommend.

During the winter in Tibet, there are also lots of Tibetan traditional festivals going on around Lhasa such as Ganden Ngamchoe, the death anniversary of the Tsongkapa, the founder of the Gelukpa school in Tibetan Buddhism which dates back to 15th century, Tibetan new year which is one of the biggest festivals in Tibet, Lhabob Tuchen, meaning; Buddha’s descent from heaven. This historical tradition dates back to the time when Buddha Shakyamuni was alive. When Buddha was alive, his mother was passed away and she was reborn as god in the heaven which is one of the six cycles of live in Buddhism. Buddha went to heaven to give teachings to his mother in order to repay his mother’s kindness. After the Buddha finished his teaching in the heaven, he descended from heaven to the earth on 22nd of 9th month of the Tibetan calendar so this Buddha’s descendent from heaven has commemorated by the people and do a lot of ritual ceremony on the day to remember Buddha’s good deeds and this festival carries on continuously till today. During this festival, you can see a lot of people in Tibet who go to visit monasteries, temples, Palaces and in the monasteries, there are lots of ritual ceremonies are going on such as monks chanting, monks philosophy study exam and many other big religious activities.

This time you will see lots of Tibetans from different regions, going around the Jokang temple and Bharkor Bazzar which is located in the center of the old section of the city and Jokang is the most sacred temple to the Tibetan people and it is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage site. This will also allow you to experience the core Tibetan culture with Tibetan people going about their lives.

The place becomes even more photogenic as you roam around leisurely under the milky blue sky. If you are traveling to Tibet by the train, you will look out to the yak herdsmen with overcoats, living under bunkers to the chilling winds at -40C. One would think that at this altitude (4000m from sea level) and extreme weather conditions, the place would be almost uninhabitable. However, it is owed to an astounding gumption of the Tibetan people that they have not only been able to build shelter their but have also succeeded in constructing a railway there under such conditions.

This altitude had previously averted many tourists and people in general to travel there; however, the locals have facilitated their travel by pumping oxygen into their train cars. We recommend to take Lhasa sightseeing tour, Tibet classical tour, Mount Everest base camp tour without staying overnight in Rongbuk monastery because it is too cold to overnight there in the winter time. You can also take Lhasa to Kathmandu overland tour during your visit Tibet in winter. People have started to look forward to Lhasa that is situated at a higher altitude of 3650 m from sea level. Lhasa gives the feel of standing above the clouds! The tourists are sure to be awestruck with the sight of mountains covered in sparkling snow with habitations under the snow which are barely visible.

The below will be the recommend Tibet tours for the visit Tibet in winter from Tibet Shambhala Adventure. Why we recommended the below itineraries for your visit Tibet in Winter is because we can guarantee that the road will not be closed during your tour, all the hotels facilities are good and comfortable. We can provide you comfortable and clean hotels with shower and good heating condition in your rooms for entire tour. Why we don’t recommend every tour is because in many other tourist destinations such as travel to Mount Kailash, doing a trek around Everest Base Camp or traveling to Namtso lake and spending overnight is not possible in the winter time so we don’t recommend the trips and trekking in Tibet that is not safe and not comfort enough during Tibet winter tour.

To avoid being sick during your visit Tibet in winter due to high altitude and dried weather, the travelers spend a day or two in the hotel lobbies as they witness the striking harmony of the modern world inside their hotels and the ancient world of the nomads outside. The Tibet travel agencies are responsible for your travel will ensure that you are comfortable in the chilling weather as they provide you oxygen, and gives you instruction of taking a lot of water as your body is dehydrating very fast in the high plateau and do a slow walk in the beginning during your visit Tibet in winter. It is also very important to have good hotel with proper heating condition as it is minus 4-8 during the night time while it is 5-12 Celsius during the day time.

As there is almost a dearth of tourists in the winter time, you will find that the process of getting Tibet travel permits becomes extremely smooth, easier and much more faster. Booking flights is also easier as there is no hassle with overbearing amount of tourists and many flight tickets are 30% cheaper. There is also a general conception that the transport system becomes ineffective in winters, however, this isn’t true. What more, you could find greater discounts in winters as the government encourages travel in this time period. Its simple economics where hotels and tours and additional services will cost less as there is decreased demand for them. Therefore, this weather is not only good to find some peace and solace into your life but it is also very easy on the budget.

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